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    Symptoms, acliinp over whole body; general malaise; days. This is one of a large number of American oils which have recently been placed on the market to take the place of the Russian oils, which formerly were sold here in large quantities for medicinal use. In most cases, these are formed in enlarged hearts; but in some cases, as in this, in hearts of the natural size (mg). When infested cattle lick themselves the eggs are conveyed to the mouth on the tongue. Some of the most distressing forms of cough rise from the laryngeal irritation, and for such local treatment is indicated. In birds the disease is common in the domestic fowls, but there are differences which warrant the separation of avian from other forms of in connection with the disease is its widespread occurrence in animals from which man derives a considerable share of his food. My own experience is entirely in accord with those who hold that its infectiousness is great. If these precautions be taken, and dangerous developments corrected, even unlikely cases would be safely got through.


    We desire to sute to the medical profession that This preparation perfectly meets the modem idea of an artificially digested food, as well as that of" SARCO-PEPTONES" contains not only all thi extractive "generic" substances, organic and inorganic salts of the beef, but also tnost of its albuminous portion converted into a soluble and easily assimilable form, known in Physiology as Peptones. Whenever an ovarian tumour is detected during pregnancy, no matter how small, the rule should be to advise its immediate removal. A POSITIVE SOLVENT FOR DIPHTHERITIC MEMBRANE, It is with great pleasure that we present to the Medical Profession this new and valuable combination. The special variety discovered in this country has been named the"Xecator Americanus" or"American Murderer" by Dr. She died within three months after the commencement of her malady. In the first place, the even occasional occurrence of pertussis shortly after birth as a result of foetal infection indicates that the microbes must be in the general circulation. Do not operate with a tourniquet applied, lest an overlooked vessel begin bleeding, with resulting hematoma. When, therefore, bronchitis or pneumonia induces tubercles, we maj presume the existence of a tuberculous constitution! but, at the same time, we can understand that, bj continuance, these diseases maj induce that very constitution or cachexy, and, in this way, be not only the predisponent, but the 10 exciting cause of the disease. Majority of cases"'Secondary closure not practiced except in a few instances. Congenital types of esophageal hernia are reported and found in children (antabuse). Forth into the circulation every aygestin hour. Apply six leeches buy to the neck. Work there performance of muscle is that force that is exhibited when muscle contracts. These will be found admirable for business men suffering from diabetes. Venous pressure is largely dependent upon external pressure which is exerted in the following ways: on Respiration, result in expansion and contraction of the thorax. The delicate, moist epithelium may be removed by maceration, with the production of raw-looking ham-red patches varying in size from a pin-head to a ten-cent piece.