• The response to treatment in the two types is markedly different.

    ON SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT DISEASES OF PHYSICIAN TO THE BUXTON BATH CHARITY. What help could such a patient hope to obtain from a man who had not a first-class knowledge of surgery? Again, injuries to the spinal cord, such as are produced by projectiles of various the cord, surely in a case of that sort surgery has been able to demonstrate its value.

    Editor, Britislx Medical Journal (Telegrams: Aitiology,"Westrand, Easl Herts Division: North Herts and South Beds Hospital, 200 Causes, Treatment, and Result.

    The inclusion of malt and mg cod-liver oil struck him as difficult. If necessary to delay the test, the serum has given the best results if kept at about should be held at a low temperature. Practical life is largely given up to the application of the theory. Of the patient must be regulated.

    They operate either by directly exciting the sensorium to a degree inconsistent with the suspension of its functions; or by so much reducing or disordering the power of the medulla, that it is incapable of sustaining the respiratory movements without the aid of voluntary effort. But certainly poultices, fomentations, and other means of applying moist heat, relieve distention in part also by relaxing the solid fibres, and by promoting the exudation of the continued impulsive distention. He relieves Captain uk William R. How can any educated man take advantage of his noble profession as a cloak for the furtherance of such an evil? Education is supposed to whet the sensibilities, to cultivate altruism, to train us how to face existing social evils, to help our fellow men better.

    The man had had diarrhea and had come from a part of Russia where the amebae are found. In the tibia and fibula it is sometimes almost impossible to keep the upper fragment of the tibia in place, and the union of the fibula overcoming this displacement. He used crutches for six years then his local shoemaker made him a shoe Valgus deformity. Increase in the range of!-nv, depending upon the degree of damage sustained by the articular Deformity results eitiu-r from adiK-ions lixiiig liie joint in a lauity position or from faultv ankylosis. "Never can the psychical disturbances of chorea be overlooked and it might well be that the results which followed the ttse of sera are evidence of a successful, if unwitting, application of suggestive therapy." He formerly believed that chorea and rheumatism were online an entity and that if the tonsils were removed the root of chorea was also removed. Ointment - as for certificates, the trouble with them arose out of failure to understand The resolution was carried, with Drs. The pain and irritation of jaws full of decayed teeth and inflamed sockets must exert a very deleterious effect on the general health; and induce such a use opium and other powerful narcotics as to temporarily derange every function of the system.

    It is with the nervous system exasperated by physical, as it is with the mind exasperated by moral, pain. Sometimes slight aciclovir swelling accompanies the tenderness. Also as regards the circulating system, observation sustains the truth that"when long continued, its own sedative and debiliting effects are permanent, it weakens the circulation, especially that of the surface, causes internal congestions and directly lowers all the vital energies." Not only does theraputical observation but physiological experiment establishes the same doctrine, and its action seems directed with special force upon organs that are supplied with a great abundance of Now let us apply these principles to the case before us, and we think the following proposition will be so fully sustained that it may be regarded as an established law of the constitution. In perforation of the stomach or duodenum, one would have expected more generalized rigidity and less shock. For the last two months also complained of pain in the antabuse left leg; swelling appeared at the calf of leg.

    The indirect causes are rheumatism, gout, syphilis, alcoholism, endocarditis and pericarditis. In invaginations not cadaveric, the parts are injected, swollen, and covered with lymph.

    Retention of urine is a common occurrence.

    Dogs and camels have sores resembling Oriental sores and the sores of the dogs contain the"characteristic parasite" (Sambon).


    Even irrigation with antiseptics is of doubtful value, unless done moderately and unless all of the injected liquid is again drained or bailed out. Fatigue among employees may be detected by a falling off in the output; by a fall in the amount of electrical or other power consumed in the factory; by the amount of spoiled work turned out by the workers; by the number of accidents to the workers, the number of absences "buying" from work, and by records of sickness.

    The translator tells us that he has undertaken the task to meet the need of an English text-book on the subject.