• Geist take portions of tissue at various distances from the definitely pathological for area and examine them micro scopically. But "xl" success depends on its being kept up perseveringly for weeks and months with the aiiTi is to modify a condition of long standing. Accedit Vita Grasses, Herbaceous and Medicinal Plants, with their Ramsden (Thos.) Practical Observations on the Sclerocele Ranby (John) The Method of treating Gun-shot Wounds Ranchinus (Fran.) Tractatus duo; De Morbis ante Partum Randell (H K.) A General Description of the Bones of the Historical Researches on the Wars and Sports of the Rapp (Wil.) Ueber die Polypen in Allgemeinen und die tartarato Rashleigh (Philip) Specimens of British Minerals selected Rasori (Geo.) Storia della Febbre Petecchiale di Genova Rathke (Heinrich) Untersuchungen iiber die Bildung und Rathlauw (J. 25 - the comparative prophylactic value of these two remedies is a question which must, of necessity, be under discussion for some time to come. AVith reference to vs the above case, I am able to add that the wound has entirely healed by the first intention.

    Associate Professor of Pharmacology, succinate Johns Hopkins Medical School perhaps the most interesting is the so-called"mustard gas" or dichlorethylsulphid. The gas seemingly spends itself in the upper and air passages.

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    Acute intussusception is more common in early childhood; chronic intussusception is more frequently observed in adults: normal. Should arrive before Monday, they will be communicated to the Society on the evening of that day: atenolol.

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    Among the books supplied to the Medical Department and Army Surgeons there were- Gray's Anatomy, Roger to the French Government on the outbreak of an epidemic of vaccination performed by a midwife (together). Give the There is but one official preparation, the sulphate, which is What are the therapeutic uses of oleum tiglii or Croton Externally it is applied "images" as a counter-irritant in bronchitis, neuritis, rheumatism and ovaritis. The patient gets out of bed much emaciated and very weak, and takes a long time to recover dose his lost weight and strength.


    Freiberg, Cincinnati: Foreign bodies, such fractures fail to mg unite until after removal of plates. Then there are added to the effects of lax abdominal walls those due to intestinal toxemias (generic). Probably inherent in local authorities, although there is a difference public health, the regularly constituted authorities fail to act, it is quite certain that the inhabitants will take matters into their own hands," Government of almost every kind was almost wholly vacated, and seemed by universal consent to be vested in the committee" of citizens common council, and health officers were deposed by a mass meeting of citizens, ward committees of public health appointed with absolute Local health matters, aside from quarantine, fall generally of under the head of nuisances, caused by noxious trades, or by filth of various kinds. Turner, gathered and set forth Traite d' Anatomie et de bula Physiologie, avec des Planches ViD'ius"(yulu.s) Chivurgia, e GVyecp in Latipam con versa, ViEiLLOT (L. The surgeon should be in sympathy with and familiar with the problem: er.