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    In most cases of suppurative disease of the accessory cavities, the amelioration from proper surgical treatment is rapid, although the cure may be slow, owing to the chronicity of the disease and the extent of the From a critical analysis of the literature pertaining to this subject and clinical experience in a few cases which the limit of time forbids my reporting in detail, I have formulated the following conclusions: secretions has been diagnosticated, the indications are to secure free exit of the same and efficient made with chisel and mallet through the canine fossa, according to the method of Kiister" or that the normal openings by breaking through the anterior wall of the sinus with the curet, and by procedure depends upon the indications: if there is bulging of the inner and upper wall of the orbit that site should be selected for the artificial opening: uses.

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    Enders, West Hartford native, and Nobel fondness for William Osier, Sir Thomas Browne and Samuel Johnson; his attempt to learn Greek through private instruction; his important role as Editor of Connecticut Medicine, all the time maintaining a vital interest in clinical medicine as befits a dean of a major medical I have told Bob of my interest in the poet Wallace Stevens who may have entered the Catholic Church from remains unsettled, even now, although I believe that such a conversion occurred, on the basis of existing evidence and opinion; virtually all the principals on an event which from Bob indicates his confirmed side interest in Stevens and a desire to learn more about this probable member of the Letter to the Editor: My relationship with Dr.