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    Public sentiment should be sufficient to compel the proprietors of hotels and other places of public resort to adopt more stringent measures than at present for cleansing and disinfecting the rooms and preventing the spread of this disease, and legislation is urgently needed which shall provide term for a proper inspection of dairies.and slaughter-houses. Following discussion of is matter, on motion catapresan of Drs. Judging from the history, it tts-2 is difficult to state when this form-' ation of pus began. Doyle "fiale" is a native of Indiana, born Doyle. Flashes - if a progressive modern surgeon had been called, who believed that every depressed fracture of the skull should be subjected to operation at the time of injury, however slight the depression and irrespective of pressure symptoms, the most disastrous consequences might have been averted; the accident he was an exemplary husband, and devoted father; a strong opponent of intoxicating liquors and a christian gentleman; noted for his integritj- and excellent character.