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    Under these circumstances the bright spot of light will occupy approximately the centre of the cornea of the unaffected eye, while in the other eye it cold will be displaced in a direction opposite to that of the squint.

    I am supposed to go see this doctor again next Saturday (amoxicillin). It is not consistent to exonerate the vaccine in one case because the death was not due to typhoid and in another suspension because the symptoms were typhoidal. Disappeared, clavulanate but she complained of severe frontal headache, of great pain in the left orbit, and of pain less severe in the right. In prescribing qualifications, the State must accept the fruits of a broad generalization as to what is known and what has been done in "250" the domain of medicine and surgery, giving no heed to party lines or prejudices among medical men. If the obstruction to the flow of bile into the intestines was complete, then m'obilin must be completely "throat" absent from the urine and faeces. A glimpse with the laryngoscope showed the arytaenoid region to be very ulotka oedematous. Strep - in the center of the congested areas there will appear in a day or so small round or oval yellowish -white spots, which rapidly spread and eventually form extensive collections of glutinous pus, having somewhat the appearance of diphtheritic membrane. The excessive bronchial excretion may be markedly diminished by the administration of minute prescription doses of belladonna or atropine; but for obvious reasons these remedies should be used with caution. The new editorial and executive ofOcea are delightfully arranged to facilitate the many and constantly Increasing details attached to the business and editorial direction of Auebi Reviews proposes to issue a number In May that will carry nothing but articles by medical women: 875.