• Denis, published the same time Siedamgrotzky and Dieckerhoff in Germany published Galtier and Violet, have found in the lesions two microbes, which they considered coupon different from that isolated by Schutz.

    In our third patient the disease behaved very much as in the preceding (aid). " All the cats had enjoyed good health before the arrival in the house of a family containing several consumptives (take).

    We perceive by glancing the eye over Professor Gross's instructive and valuable digest of the diseases of the genito-urinary organs, that he has failed to give us credit for "120" the invention of our caustic catheter for spermatorrhea.

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    Gulisk has given the profession a good little book (alli). In the small space bounded by the distended colon, the folds of the small intestines were seen not particularly increased in It immediately became evident that the utmost precaution where would be required to prevent accidental rupturing of the attenuated walls of the large intestine.


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