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    And - it was thus made out that the membranes of the eye may be the seat of great injection, and of a modification of nutrition, giving rise to deposits of pigment and of a yellowish material on the retina. This consisted in completely occluding the vagina by denuding a surface on the anterior and posterior wall of the vagina below the picture fistula, and uniting them by suture. Thirdly, there arc irritative secretory phenomena in the sphere of the corresponding organ, printable e.g., gastrosuccorrhoea in gastric crises, excessive mucous secretion in intestinal crises, laryngeal catarrh in laryngeal crises, lacrymation in ocular crises, sometimes oedematous swelling of the limb in crises of the extremities.

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    By experimental intrathoracic surgery on dogs he has worked out i a technique in which the leading idea is to avoid penetrating the wall of the proximal stump of the oesophagus 2014 laterally. 12 - the stomach is sensitive to silver nitrate and it must be used in a weak solution at the beginning with a gradual increase in strength, never enough to cause the patient pronounced discomfort.

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