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    This is a bare outline of the curriculum; the precise mode in which the details will be filled in must depend on the university or corporation from which the qualifying degree or diploma is to bo finally obtained (vs). Direct - all communications should be addressed to BERKLEY, tumor of corpus callosum, Bond, early diagnosis of chronic kidney Burnett, aural vertigo relieved by excision Ciesarean section in Philadelphia, lessons IpEMUR, shortening of, from epiphysial Glasgow, lung disease in the Mississippi Intestmal obstruction due to parametritis, Intestinal obstruction following removal of Intestines, washing out of peritoneal cavity Kidney, suture of, after nephro-lithotomy, Labor, delayed, deep incision of cervix in, Larynx, tuberculosis of, external operations Lung disease, septic and unusual form of, Lupus vulgaris, adenopathies secondary to, Mitral stenosis as a result ol tructure of Mucous membrane, gastric, in secondary (Esophagus, removal of foreign body from, Pelvic tumors removed by perineotomy, Placenta, retained, extirpation of uterus Pregnancy, changes in tubes and ovaries UININE, oxytocic action of, i; Bowlby, Injuries and Diseases of Index Catalogue of the Library of the Keating, Cyclopedia of Diseases of Keith, Galvanism in Treatment of Taylor, Atlas of Venereal and Skin Salicylic acid, comparative action of natural Salt solution, large subcutaneous injections Splenotomy and myotomy in same patient, Sugar in urine, phenylhydracin test for, Suspension in spinal disease, contra-indi Tiffany, nephrotomy and lithotomy at one Trachea, granulations in, after tracheotomy, Tuberculosis of bones and joints, iodoform Tuberculous poison, influence of dilution Uterus, extirpation of, early, for cancer of Uterus, extirpation of, for retained placenta, Uterus, fixation of retroflexed, by Sehiick Uterus, prolapsed, plastic operations fur Uterus, retroflexion of, operative treatment Uterus, rupture of, complicated by carbolic Uterus, rupture of, with escape of foetus, Uterus bilocularis, pregnancy in, Porro Uterus, cancer of, choice of methods in Vaginismus, cure of, by galvanic current, YELLOW fever, cocaine in treatment of, CARDS OR SLIPS FROM THIS POCKET. Wc may rest well satisfied therapy that-the credit of England was worthily sustained by Seaton, Power.