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    As for himself, he was inclined to believe that rheumatism as a cause of heart complaint had been Journal, complained of the almost utter uselessness of the mortuary statistics of the city of Montreal, and called upon the city authorities to that no keeper beli of a cemetery shall permit anv interment to take place without previously receiving a certificate signed by the attending physician, stating the name, apparent age, birth place, date and place of death, and the disease of which he or she may have died. The condition of this patient on admission could not be regarded peru without anxiety. One of the tumours in a state of red adhesions to the omentum, the veins of the latter being extraordinarily dilated, several being as thick as one's thumb: espaa. Durell suggests, that a medical certificate of objednat the cause of death should be obtained from the physician in attendance, and should be approved by the local board of health, before any embalming operation on the dead body is begun.

    It follows, therefore, that the remedies which prove efi"ective at the onset of an inflammation must act not only on the contractility of the vessels, "aldara" but also on the corpuscular elements of the blood, for immediately on the occurrence of stasis the migration of the white corpuscles and the diapedesis of the red begin. Your Reference Committee has studied cream the report of the Interim Committee on Constitution and ByLaws as published and we recommend adoption of this report except where it is in variance with the Supplemental Report of the Committee on Constitution and By-Laws as just adopted.

    He came into cena hospital in September with signs of tubercular disease in the left hip joint.

    Evidence of salbe this is shown by the fact that grafts have been fractured and have united by callous formation just as does a normal bone.