• The object used by Kohlrausch was a pair of and candle flames placed behind small openings in an opaque screen.

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    G.) Some statistics on blindness and deafness, with the blind in various sections of Russia.) Vrach, 24 S.-Peterb, Blindness (History and statistics of).

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    Divide the skin and platysma, displacing the superficial veins, and open the deep fascia, when the submaxillary gland will be exposed; this is displaced upvv-ard w-ith the handle of the knife, when the tendon of the digastric muscle attached to the hyoid bone, and the hypoglossal nerve will be exposed; next divide the fibers of can the hyoglossus muscle midway betw-een the hypoglossal nerve and the hyoid bone, and the lingual artery will be exposed. They doth comforte the stomacke; the luce is a good sauce, and dothe prouoke an appetyde (over). In rare cases orbital cellulitis assumes a chronic form, and ends by the escape of pus only after the lapse of months "dosage" or years. Peters attended "effects" school steadily to the age of fourteen, after which he learned the stone cutter's trade under his father. (Eats very little.) (Refuses claritin all food and iEals very little.) Keluses all tood ana ( few hyaline casts. The results obtained when the operation was associated with a complete loratadine coloboma are better as regards both the frequency of the occurrence of iritis and the effects on the tension than when performed with a partial iridectomy or when the iris is left intact.

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    The Ninth Annual Industrial Safety Congress and Exhibit of the New York State Department The safety in industry problem in the State of New York is an important one as judged by the fact that the number of reported industrial broke all records, being more mg than three hundred and seventy-four thousand, not to mention the suffering and general economic loss which this entailed. After several weeks of suffering and gradual recovery he returned to Indianapolis, where he was given a remarkable demonstration of welcome and personal esteem by various organizations, including the Veterans 5mg of the Grand Army of the Kepublic.