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    To the County Council of Lanarkshire.

    Stiles prefaced his remarks by demonstrating a series of photographs with the limelight to illustrate the morbid anatomy and histology of carcinoma of the mamma. He developed violent tetanic paroxysms from which he died in a few hours.

    It was stated to me by one Superintendent that there was such a thing as having too many free beds.

    Aladies cntances et de syphiAugust) recommends the In ringworm the oil is apon pieces of linen. Conducted methodically for this special object, and aided by dietetico-hygienic rules, it constitutes an important therapeutical process that I will frankly call compensative therapeutics.

    The Ij'inphaties of the pectoral fascia do not anastomose freely with fho.se of the muscle beneath, for the direction of the lymphatic flow is from tlie muscle mg to the fascia. The subject of the transportation of the sick has been undertaken by the"Verband fur erste Hulfe." At present there are three places in town where ambulances can be procured. In poliomyelitis anterior there is "test" marked constitutional disturbance, with fever, before the paralysis begins, and aniesthesia is not present. Fortunately, however, for both physician and patient, their resurrection has served to place them in a position which is practically unassailable.

    The swelling extended low down in the pelvis, and could be felt in the vagina.

    This action seemingly, however, is not mirtazapine well sustained. In meningo-myelitis the connective tissue bands seem, to take origin in the meninges, and pass thence into the substance of the cord. The results in the employment of ignite the lysol injections were not promising. He made applications of free violet light, placing the patients in a dark room, and causing the rays to enter through a window so that only the portions of the body that were to be treated were reached by the r. After admission to hospital his symptoms became more marked. Hewitt states that he once subjects require an ounce x180 or less per hour. Smith expected from the administration of port wine. It was by jiccident that Jouin discovered the value of this treatment. Its action is to constrict the peripheral circulation and secondarily stimulate the heart: sample. Committee at least six months before the next meeting at which they are to be acted upon. That he was a member of the Cornelian family, to which so many illustrious men belonged, indicates a patrician rank.